Partnership Vibe
We are so far in, we’re out the back door, and back in the front. ;-)) With you 200%


It can happen!

I stole that.

Well, we are nearing the end of the writing and recording of what could and should be our best album so far.
I learned a lot about music and myself and expectations. Artists kind of hate themselves. That just comes with the territory. When people hate what we do,…

Great Spirit


Help me transform to a better “me”.
Bring this gift in abundance, please.
Help me reach my highest potential.
Bring me inspiration, clarity and wisdom.
And rid me of any negative energy and bring me light and love.

Thank you!!

May I be a channel for all the love, hope, and healing that wishes to be felt in our plane. May I live humbly and accomplish much. May I be truly grateful for all of my many blessings. And may all of this happen in the most painless way possible ;-) 

I decided


I’m not going to complain anymore.
I realize that my complaints are really due to boredom. I have no “real” problems. Oh except when wifi is bad and playing Words With Friends is slow. *joke
Really I have nothing to complain about.

New rule(for me):
If its not funny and or it isn’t a reflection of my awesome life, don’t say it. Amen

Hope you guys are doing well.
Gonna write some songs next week. I’m real psyched!

Love, Pat

Writing new songs? Oh yes! Yet another wonderful thing to look forward to! <3 to you, Lisa


I wrote a blog a week ago and deleted it on accident. Bummed me out so it took till now to try again.
Just wanted to wish you all a happy 2013 and let you in on what is happening in our lives, or at least what’s happening with Train.

We have our first song on country radio, Bruises, and we are…

This must be what living without the brakes on looks like :-) May the wind continue to be at your back. Lots of love, Lisa


Newtown, CT
If I could do just one decent thing for the world it would be to go back one day and prevent this terrible day from happening to these children, adults and the town of Newtown. I would trade anything I could. I wish there was something I could have done, something I can do. I wish so…

Like so many, I just sat down and cried when I heard about this. My inner child identifies and grieves this along with the adult. I think we are all so very sad for families and friends that this could happen at all—especially to little children. It reaches beyond this to the knowledge that unthinkable suffering of children, women, and men is happening every day. 

Bless your compassionate soul, Pat, for feeling the pain of the world so acutely, and so badly wishing to heal it. There are some things over which we are powerless, and this is especially true of the past. We don’t cause it, and we can’t fix it. But we can do what we are called to do to.

I also want to say that I think you participate in the healing of the world every day by being who you are. We live in a dominator culture, where abuse of all sorts flows intergenerationally; children suffer and many times act out on others who then suffer as well. Your music, your way of being in the world evokes Partnership, helps to transform all of us who have been injured to heal and love. Thank you for being the light that you are.

Sending love as always.

Great questions. There is something about the way you think that I love!

My favorite feelings from Train music are Big Love as others have said, very heart opening. Joy, celebratory, optimistic, sassy, fun. Encouraging. A big happy We — like we are all together with you and each other in those feelings.

What do I suppose creates those? I think your humility, love, humanness, create a sense of connection, community. Real spirituality, subtly offered.

Also, I think it’s healing for many of us to hear a thoughtful, sensitive, affectionate man who likes women as human beings. Even the sadder songs tend to lead us to think, who could have treated such a wonderful soul so badly? We are left with a feeling of love for you as a person. Love feels good.


Everything that I will be writing here for the next long while will be very positive. I go in weird phases when I lose perspective and I whine a tad. Okay I complain a ton.
I’m taking a break from being that way. I am here to write uplifting tales from the fatty under belly of the Tuna. The…

I’m always touched by your blogs, how you share so much of your self. I think it is natural that things seem a little unreal at first with such a big shift in life style. After working 100 hour+ weeks for 6 months, culminating with a week’s stay at the Atlanta Peach Tree Plaza, which seemed to swayed slightly, once I was back home on solid ground, I felt as though the world around me still continued to move for a while. I later read  it takes 2 weeks to 30 days to adjust to a big change.

I was sad to learn about the passing of your Dad this year. My Dad was back in the atmosphere soon after he passed on. He was truly happy. Perhaps your Mom and Dad are with you and your family now. I am glad that Teresa was able to help you make that connection.

Lots of love to you. And…it was SO KIND of you to invite Farryn, Molly, Angela and me to sing <3 Thank you for all that you do.


everything seems as though I’m viewing it from sleepy eyes. It’s all a bit dreamy and distant. The calm of not being in a tour bus is met with the business of being in a good sized family. There is always so much to do. I’m not the sort that has a nanny not the type that smokes a pipe and looks up…

I love @patsofatso’s lyrics. Even the line, “looking for a hefty bag to hold my love” works because it’s a guy’s perspective. A friend of mine was looking for a poetic way to tell his wife that he loved her. He told her that she wasn’t like the air to him, because you need air constantly. She was more like water, because you can live without water for up to a few days…

While it wasn’t flowery or as poetic as he might have intended, because he had really thought about it and it was sincere, it was much more lovely than a flowery line said superficially. 

A lyric that in my opinion definitely belongs on your list: Hungry Like a Wolf. (Aargh! Channel change. Relief).

It would be fun to blog on some of my favorite @patsofatso lyrics, like:

I’m not waiting in line! … unless you want me too. ;-))

<3 to you!


1. “I seen a million faces and I’ve rocked them all.” JonBon
2. “Blow me..(wait for it)…one last kiss.” Pink
3. “Sususudio” Genesis
4. “Suckin’ on my titties” Peaches
5. “We all live in a yellow submarine” Beatles
6. “I’ve got the biggest balls.” ACDC
7. Mambo No. 5-all Lou Bega
8. “Fish…

At the bottom of it all, you are a being of light, and so are we all. We see it in you and you inspire it in us. We love you a lot.


I am arriving at a place I dreamed of as a young lad(using this word as a tribute to the UK). On the way the road twisted, dead ended, forked, crossed…you name it, the road did it.
I thought I thought of everything. Really I did. I felt sorry for artists that started to believe the nonsense….

Pat, You are such a lovable human being. It sounds like you are at that place where we are stretched so thin, that we become punch drunk. And, what is so cool about it is that the way you are dealing with it is to have crazy humor and be all the more generous!

I believe that we are more than our physical bodies, but what I know that when the frontal neurocortex, the conscious thinking part of our brain gets tired, other parts of our brain take over, more subconscious, feeling parts. For many people, they become stressed and testy. I don’t know if you experience that, but from what you write, you are truly beautiful at your most stressed. Pretty amazing.

You likely know you are in an altered state, but you just seem to be channeling love.

I have read, and my experience seems to back it up, that meditating is super restful and can be more restful than sleep.

Love, Lisa


There’s an old joke where I guy says, “I’m schizophrenic and I am too.”. I always thought it was funny but now I’m starting to feel like that guy.
My humor is flying right over people’s heads but I still laugh like its the funniest shit I’ve ever said.
I’m listening to music currently that is…